Whale Watching Sydney

Experience the Exhilaration of Whale Watching

Sydney is famous for its harbour, flanked by the stunning Opera House and Harbour Bridge, it’s truly a one of a kind sight to see. As you cruise out of the harbour, past the headlands, you will enter the pacific and the migration path of the majestic humpback whale.

What Whales can expect to see

Humpback whales grow up to 20 metres in length and weigh over 40 tonnes. As they make their way to and from Antarctica, they leap out of the water and land with an enormous splash. A spectacular sight. Twice a year these magnificent creatures swim past Sydney, one of the world’s great animal migrations.

When is best time to watch Whales from Sydney?

May to December is the best time to whale watch, with many of them having calves with them. You are also likely to see pods of dolphins, jumping marlin, a large variety of sea birds, turles, seals, flying fish and more.

Cruising aboard our comfortable vessel

Your whale watching trip will be aboard the Avalon IV, our fast and comfortable 55 footer. She is equipped with the latest technology and navigational gear, ensuring we get you to the right spots to make the most of your trip. We communicate with other operators throughout the course of the excursion, sharing information on the locations of pods and the best viewing areas.

The weather can be cold when out on the ocean, so be sure to bring along some warm clothing.


Whale Watching Prices