Practice Your Jigging and Land a Big One

Avfish will take you out to Sydney’s reefs for a day of jigging and kingfish catching. Our vessels will ensure you arrive there safely and comfortably, while our fish finding technology will make sure we hit the right spot.

The art of jigging involves dropping a metal lure and reeling it in with a sharp jerking motion. This resembles a dying fish and is irresistible to kingfish.

When a kingfish strikes, you’re in for the fight of your life. Once hooked, the fish will swim for the safety of the nearest reef, taking a lot of your line with it. You’ll need strength, stamina and patience to reel it in and get it onto the boat.

It’s worth the effort however, kingfish are renowned for their moist, flavour-packed flesh. The size makes it a great way to feed the whole family too.